Bespoke and Accredited Training

With over 35 years experience, we offer training to meet the needs of individuals and organisations

We have accumulated extensive expertise in the drug and alcohol field over 35 years.

ADS has a track record of working with a wide range of individuals and organisations to support and enhance knowledge and skills around drugs and alcohol.

The Alcohol and Drug Service have delivered high quality, specialist, accredited courses for over 10 years to a variety of learners. Whether you want to expand your knowledge, are looking for a career change or want to know more, we offer a range of courses that can be done online to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Courses we offer

Using our online training portal, you can complete our accredited training courses within your own time frame and get tutor support along the way.

The ADS is accredited by national awarding bodies; This guarantees the quality of training offered, with over 500 people trained in the last calendar year.

Drug Awareness

Level: 2 | Credits: 3

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know about the differences between types of drugs.
  • Know some of the causes of drug misuse.
  • Know some of the physical and psychological effects of drug misuse.
  • Understand the implications of drug misuse on others.
  • Understand some of the health issues associated with drug misuse.
  • Know the effects of withdrawing from drugs.
  • Know some of the agencies offering help and information on drug misuse.

Alcohol Awareness

Level: 2 | Credits: 3

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know about unit strengths and safe limits of alcohol.
  • Know the possible causes of alcohol misuse and its effects.
  • Understand the effects that alcohol misuse may have on others.
  • Understand some of the health issues associated with alcohol misuse.
  • Understand the effects of withdrawing from alcohol.
  • Know some of the agencies that offer help and information on alcohol misuse.

Tackling Substance Misuse

Level: 3 | Credits: 6

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand substances, their use and effects.
  • Understand current relevant legislation and local and national strategies for delivery of services for substance users.
  • Understand the stages of treatment provision.
  • Understand the modalities of treatment.
  • Understand the role of prevention as a health promotion approach.
  • Understand the need to promote diversity, equality and the rights of service users.
  • Understand how to promote choice, well-being and protection of substance users.
  • Know how to monitor, maintain and promote health and safety in the working environment.

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